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Father and son, fit for each other.

Until now.

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Writer/Director/Actor statement:

Horace captures a primal struggle between father and son, as well as between sober alcoholic and drunk alcoholic. 

Horace, Jr. is caught between two father figures - his real father, and his sponsor. 


As an actor/director, this was an awesome and challenging experience. First off, Horace lives in some very dark places, both literally and figuratively. I’ve been there. It’s never fun to be deliberately cruel, but the father’s cruelty is essential to the story. When it comes time to go there, you drop in and go there.


We rehearsed and performed this piece in class in New York, and I knew that we could play it well. Directing it was really about making some acting adjustments for each of us, and letting the crew do their work to capture it.


This film shows the strength and resilience and determination it takes to get and stay sober. 

Shoot Day for Horace


A small group of us made a road trip to Cape Cod, to shoot in the home of my best friend, who was one of the producers of the film.


We did some experimentation for this shoot, using a two-camera set up. It helped at times, and hindered at others. It was an excellent learning experience, and it worked out well.


It was a deceptively cold day. Deceptive, because it was extremely sunny with a blue sky. But the snow was frozen with a sheen of ice on it, and the wind was biting.


Working as the director, as well as one of two actors in the piece, is thrilling. We had rehearsed this screenplay in class in New York, and the other actor and I were very familiar with the material. Playing the piece in class is one thing, and breaking it up into bits and playing it throughout a long day of shooting is another.


However, much of directing is done before and after the actual shoot. Many decisions are made ahead of time, and the creation of the final film in the editing process is and incredibly important part of the editor’s job.


Traveling, and joining the New York team with the Cape Cod team was great, and coming together for the common goal and working with respect and integrity is a dream come true.

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