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A woman and a young man worlds away, need to connect.

Their only hope is to speak the language of the heart.

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Writer/Director Statement:

This story addresses the “from Park Avenue to Park bench” notion that alcoholism can and will strike anyone from any walk of life.


In this story, the young man who came along on the 12th Step call in “Top of the World” has now taken another step into sobriety by spending time at AA Intergroup with his sponsor.


He finds himself alone when a call comes in. He faces the challenging task of dealing with a confusing call from someone who clearly needs help. For the first time in his life, he steps up to take responsibility in a profound way for someone else’s well-being.


Although they’re from different worlds, they connect through the common bond of attempting to combat the destructive effects of alcoholism.

Description of Shoot Day -


The first location was at a friend’s apartment on 5th Avenue, in Manhattan. Her husband is a Super at the building, and they live in a lovely apartment. It was appropriate for the look, and it was actually the upper crust neighborhood where the character Nora lives.


As we filmed the actress making the phone call, the actor played the scene off-camera with her. And it was vice versa when we changed locations and filmed the young man on the phone call. The two actors gave a lot of themselves to each other, to make the scene alive for the one that was being filmed.


When we left the first location, I felt that we had “half of the movie.” It was an odd feeling - to be so fully satisfied with the work, but knowing that we had to go make the other part of the phone conversation to be just as good.


It was a very different energy in the office location, and there were some challenges to the setup.


But - by the time we left, I knew we had done what we needed to do, and that the work at the second location matched that of the first location - and that we had ourselves a terrific little movie to go edit and complete.

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