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Writing Regularly Is Not for the Weak!

Opening Up Can Be a Challenge

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I’ve been writing about life in sobriety.

It’s a topic that requires me to be introspective, to look at the past, and to offer hope and experience, and guidance.

It requires dropping into a certain mindset where I can discover what I have to say at any given moment.


I’ve found a great tool that is helping me. It’s called brain dot fm (I’ll post a link at the bottom of the story.)

Their website says their music “contains patterns that shift your brain state with entrainment. Our music sounds different—and affects you differently—than any other music.”

I was a bit skeptical. But, I tried it, and it’s been working really well for me. It’s aiding me in the process of tuning into what I want to write by getting me focused. I love it.


Given the fact that I’m writing about sobriety, which is related to mental health, making smart choices, and staying aware and vigilant, it can cover subjects that bring up a lot of resistance.

I know that every kind of work can bring resistance and that writing is a process that calls us to put words together, which is an act of creation, and a challenge in itself.

I’m not claiming any special resistance, just one that is related to this type of writing. It’s not as much knowledge-based as it is experiential.

It’s easier to eat popcorn.

But too much popcorn creates a crummy feeling, and besides, it runs out.

Completing a piece of writing and clicking the Publish button is a thrill that popcorn doesn’t match.


I’d say it’s about willingness. Am I willing to check in, to challenge myself?

Every time I do I’m so happy that I did it.


I made a couple of mistakes this past week. I submitted an article to a publication with images that I couldn’t credit. The main one was a meme, and its content was the theme of my post.

When the publication came back to me and asked if I could find a credited image, I had to say no, I couldn’t. They were, of course, right to do that.

I had to drop the piece. Lesson learned. It was difficult because a) I wrote a really good piece, and b) I already learned this lesson. Head - meet wall. Bang!


And, onward.

I hope my writing is helping people with their sobriety issues, challenges, and progress.

For me, it’s the keystone to a good life. If I wasn’t sober, I probably wouldn’t be here. It’s that simple.

It’s wonderful to share the journey with like-minded people, and people who are questioning.

Much love to everyone out there in the Medium world.


As promised:

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