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Savoring life's small moments of beauty is a joy that I've learned over the sober years of my life.

Looking at this photo, I can remember the feeling of the moment when my wife and I took a vacation to Canada. Looking out at the water, drinking tea and water in the late afternoon sun. (Tea and water have become my beverages of choice - ha!)

I've learned that life is difficult and challenging, but that if looked for, there are often moments of calm and beauty.

Although I've mellowed as I've gotten older, I have a fire and a passion for life that is stronger than ever because it's been allowed to flower. When I was drinking and drugging, it seemed that noise and sturm und drang and anger were the way to be alive and to be involved, and to care about life on this planet. What I was really doing was creating chaos and turmoil within and without that led to isolation and frustration.

I notice small things now, much more than I ever did.

(photo credit - Neal Hemphill)

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